• Practical questions
  • For which horses is it suitable?

    Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx is intended for horses and pony’s of all ages in all disciplines. Because the pellets are 4mm, even foals can eat it once they can eat concentrates independently.

  • Where can I buy it?

    In the Netherlands Metaoa SuperFit Broxxx is for sale at the better pet stores, tack shops, garden centers and through online stores. For sales addresses across Europe look at "sales-addresses"

  • How do I prevent mice from eating the sacks

    Unlike with sacks of grain or cereal, mice will not be attracted by the Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx, because it contains little sugar or starch. It is of course sensible to preserve the bags airtight and dry. But mice won’t really be attrackted.

  • There is a shop in my neighborhood who wants to sell it?

    Excellent! We are looking for outlets throughout Europe. If you give us the contact details, we will contact this shop immediately.

  • Questions about the ingredients
  • Is alfalfa dangerous?

    Alfalfa contains a lot of proteins. Therefor it is best not given to horses in too high volumes. But horses need protein in order to build muscles. A small dose of Alfalfa on a daily base is therefor very beneficiel to horses.

  • How much sugar and starch does it contain?

    Per 1kg (2 pounds) Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx barely contains sugar (1.8%) and starch (3%). Since you do not feed a kg but only a small amount (250 grams for an average horse of 500 kg) the percentage is very low compared to alterantives based on cereales.


  • Isn’t there too much protein?

    No, the protein content is not too high. Metazoa SuperFit Broxx contains good proteins and you only feed 50 grams per 100 kg of body weight per day. That is only a small part of their total diet of mainly roughage like good quality hey. Enough protein is essential for a horse in order to built muscle.

  • Questions on 'how' to feed.
  • Are raised feeders healthier for my horse.

    It’s not only important whát you feed your horse but als how. Horses are designed to eat off the ground which is evident in the fact that lower jaw slides forward into proper grinding position. Eating from shoulder high feeders results in improperly chewed food, uneven tooth wear, decreased saliva, and respiratory issues from dust and hay pieces. For consumption of Hay you could use a slowfeeder net, close to the ground. If the ground is clean you can also provide the hay directly from the ground, but you risk the hay gets dirty. A slowfeeder net will prevent spillige, but be aware the holes in the net are not too small. The net should not be too 'slow' as it frustrates your horse and prevents him of eating sufficient roughage. The Metazoa SuperFit broxxx is best fed in a bucket on the ground. Never throw the food on a sandy ground, as your horse may risk sand colic.

  • Can I feed the food from the ground.

    Do not throw food on the ground. First of all you can not properly determine the dosage because the horse might step on it, and secondly you run the risk that your horse ingests sand. Eating sand may result in sand colic. Because the rectum of a horse runs upwards, sand rolls back when the horse defecates. This way they get more and more sand in their intestines and a colic can occur. It is better to do the crumbs for each horse separately in a bucket placed on the round at a good distance from each other so that no feed envy arises.

  • What do you mean with sufficient good quality roughage?

    Good horse hay is different than hay for cows. Choose roughage, preferably cut in summer just before blooming and with a variety of grasses and herbs. Make sure the hay is not dusty and smells good. Do not place the hey in a hayrack at head level as you saw in the old days, but preferably close to the ground. Eating with their head down, is more natural for a horse. If your horse is in the stable you could also just lay the hey on the floor, as long as it is not a sandy surface, but you risk spillage as your horse may step in it. Another good solution is a slowfeeder. The average amount needed for a horse on a dayly base is 2 kg per 100 kg bodyweight. So a horse of 500 kg needs more or less 10 kg roughage. You can also choose to provide unlimited hey but in that case you may want to use a slowfeeder.

  • Do i feed my horse enough?

    The basis for any horse or pony should be good quality roughage, about 2kg per 100kg body weight. Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx is intended to supplement the lack of minerals and vitamins. If you have enough (preferably unlimited, or for an average horse of 500kg approximately 10 kg) good quality roughage and 50gr Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx per 100kg your horse will get all he needs.
    If you want to add something or if your horse does a lot of physical work, you could add a little Metazoa HP23 luzerne Chunks (your horse needs proteins to build muscle, but be careful not to feed too much. Or you could add a handfull of Metazoa rough Luzerne for improved digestion.

    No need to add muesli or other supplements


Customer feedback

"Better hooves.

My horse has long suffered from cracks in his hooves. I thought it was because they were white hooves, but since I feed Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx, the cracks have disappeared. I am very pleased with this new food and my horse too. ( Saskia, NL)


"This is it for my horse.

Dirk lost a lot of weight after deworming. Nothing worked until I started with Metazoa. After 1 week SuperFit Broxxx in combination with Hp23 he looked brighter. After two weeks he started to get thicker. After four weeks I had my old horse back. He wanted to work again and although still a bit thin and weak in the muscles he is doing very well. For me and Dirk we do not want anything else anymore. (John, NL)


"Scratching the tail is over.

A true difference, I feed it now since September. Scratching the tail is over, the hair on the tail is growing and the mane have also started to grow again. His skin looks better too. (Esmeralda de Groot, NL)