Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx

metazoa supplement for horses based on AlfalfaMetazoa SuperFit Broxxx is a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies. It is based on Alfalfa and contains no grains, molasses, soy or genetically modified organisms. Pressed into a tasty 4 mm pellet, so even foals can eat it easily. Available in 20 kg bags or 4 kg buckets. Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx replaces ordinary muesli’s and kibbles (often based on cereales, containing lost of sugars and starch). It is to be used in addition to (preferably) unlimited good quality roughage. You only need to feed daily a little bit, 50 grams per 100 kg body weight. An average 500 kg horse gets about 250 grams per day.


Raw materials
Premix (vitamins and minerals)
Vegetable oil

Percentages per kg
Crude protein 14.8 %
EW Horse 0,52
VRE Horse 9,4 %
Crude fat 5.0 %
Crude fiber 19,8 %
Inorganic raw material at 22,4%
Starch ( lucerne) 3,0 %
Sugar ( from lucerne) was 1,8%

Minerals: Quantity per kg
Calcium (Ca) 40 g
Phosphorus ( P) 3,2 g
Potassium ( K) 17,6 g
Magnesium (Mg ), 20,0 g
Zinc ( Zn) 1323 mg
Iron (Fe) 924 mg
Copper ( Cu) 215 mg
Sodium ( Na) 12.0 g
Manganese (Mn ) 500 mg
Selenium (Se) 1.74 mg
Iodine (I) 7.5 mg
Cobalt (Co) 3.0 mg
Chlorine ( Cl) 17,9 g of

Vitamines quantity per kg
Vitamine A 45.000 U.I.
Vitamine D3 16. 000 U.I.
Vitamine E (DL -a- Tocof.acet . ) 2000 mg
Vitamine C 500 mg
Vitamine B12 1200 mcg
Biotine 2 000 mcg

Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx in 4 kg bucket

metazoa 4kg emmerMetazoa SuperFit Broxxx in “Try-out” bucket of 4 kg. With handy measuring cup so that you know exactly how much is 50 grams. Thanks to the transparent lid, you can easily see how much is left and the bucket can be properly resealed to keep it fresh over a longer period of time. Perfect to try Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx, before investing in a larger 20 kg sack.


Metazoa Snaxxx

friandise sain snaxxx4 kg delicious healthy horse treats without sugar or starch but packed with vitamins and minerals. The perfect treat you can give your horse without feeling guilty. The bucket has a transparent cover, so you can instantly see what’s inside and the bucket is easy to reseal, for the treats to stay fresh over time. The perfect gift for any horse lover or your horse naturally. Also available in large 25 kg sac.



Alfalfa/Luzerne kibble Hp23

hp23Your horse needs proteins, in order to built muscles. No proteins, no muscle. Metazoa Luzerne HP23 is a high value proteine biks. If your horse has to perform in sports, like show jumping or eventing, you may want to add some additional proteins to his dayly diet. 1 to 2 pounds a day for an average horse is enough. No additional products added, no Melasse, just Luzerne. Available in a 20 kg sac.



Metazoa Rough Alfalfa/Luzerne

grove-luzerne-metazoaTo optimize your horses chewing and thereby the production of saliva, you can add daily a hand full of Metazoa rough Alfalfa. It has a low protein content of 9-10%, made up of high-quality proteins. If too soft roughage is provided and your horses manure is not fixed, you can increase the structure considerably with this rough Alfalfa. Metazoa rough Alfalfa consists of 100% Dutch Alfalfa, there are no other ingredients added like grass, oils or oats. The protein-rich leaves have been removed.

Alfalfa is one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. In combination with the high-value proteins it contains, it is ideal as a daily supplement to the diet. As all leafs and other fine particles (dust) are filtered out (approximately 50% of the mass) it has a contstant composition and it is mold-free. By filtering out the fine particles you only have to feed a little bit in order to see result. Your horse will digest better and therefor make more use off all nutrients in the food.

Metazoa rough Alfalfa is free from poppy and ragwort.

Sainfoesparcette-sainfoin-chevaux-15-kgin, is a legume that grows on poor, dry calcareous soils. It belongs to the Fabaceae family (Fabaceae). Its taproot can reach several meters deep, such as alfalfa.
Sainfoin is rich in tannin, a polyphenol that is, among other things, anti-inflammatory and appears to have an anti-parasitic effect due to the high tannin content.

Sainfoin can be given as a supplement to hay. The structure promotes chewing and extra saliva helps the digestive system. Horses just love it. Also suitable for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing and laminitis. Sainfoin from Metazoa is a very pure product with the least possible treatment and without any additions. Available in bails of 15kg.



Customer feedback

"Better hooves.

My horse has long suffered from cracks in his hooves. I thought it was because they were white hooves, but since I feed Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx, the cracks have disappeared. I am very pleased with this new food and my horse too. ( Saskia, NL)


"This is it for my horse.

Dirk lost a lot of weight after deworming. Nothing worked until I started with Metazoa. After 1 week SuperFit Broxxx in combination with Hp23 he looked brighter. After two weeks he started to get thicker. After four weeks I had my old horse back. He wanted to work again and although still a bit thin and weak in the muscles he is doing very well. For me and Dirk we do not want anything else anymore. (John, NL)


"Scratching the tail is over.

A true difference, I feed it now since September. Scratching the tail is over, the hair on the tail is growing and the mane have also started to grow again. His skin looks better too. (Esmeralda de Groot, NL)